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AGE of Central Texas


AGE of Central Texas serves as Austin’s premier organization for pairing older adults with caregivers, resulting in enhanced levels of care and rehabilitation rarely seen across the nation. Prior to Peak’s involvement, AGE of Central Texas’ website suffered from insecure pages, content overload, poor organization, and a dated style, creating a lack of trust. A lack of trust is the last thing AGE needed and that is exactly what Peak Interactive aimed to rehabilitate.

AGE of Central Texas’ website was revamped with fresh content delivery and organization. Uniform color and font appearance were adopted throughout the site as well as an increased amount of organization through our WordPress Content Management Systems. With the help of Peak Interactive, their site became easily navigatable and resulted in lower bounce rates and higher user retention as well as substantially improved SEO. All wonderful upsides for this non-profit. This new appearance also significantly helps with establishing trust between themselves and potential donors, an essential aspect of the organization’s longevity. 


AGE's 60+ page responsive WordPress website completely revitalized their online presence and image.


Peak Interactive proudly maintains the AGE of Central Texas website with bi-weekly updates and performance modifications.

A Word From AGE Director, Rob Faubion

“George brought our website up-to-date and delivered a product which the whole organization was proud to represent. An excellent website is essential for our line of work and Peak Interactive truly nailed it.”


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