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Iv3 Aqua


Veterans of the water treatment facility rehabilitation industry, Iv3 Aqua was founded upon decades of experience. This new venture represented a leap forward, and with that leap forward, came a need for a polished and professional website. Iv3 sought only Peak Interactive for this particular task.

A clean-cut, simple mission, Iv3 wanted to ensure that content on the site was kept to a minimum yet the message was amplified to the maximum. Peak Interactive carefully created select pages to share information regarding the companies mission, experience, and expertise, resulting in an incredibly professional and modern website.

Iv3 Aqua now proudly boasts a freshly completed Peak interactive website and subscribes to our Maintenance plan to ensure peak future performance and output.


Iv3 Aqua's 10+ page responsive WordPress website completely revitalized their online presence and image.


Peak Interactive proudly maintains the Iv3 Aqua website with bi-weekly updates and performance modifications.

A Word From Iv3 Founder, Olaf Krohg

“Iv3 was in need of a website which effectively conveyed our message and goals to prospective clients. Peak Interactive accomplished this with precision and created a site that will garner returns like never before.”


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