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Mystic Paving


For over 40 years, Mystic Paving has been serving the bay-state, providing the finest asphalt solutions known to man. Always putting quality and service first, Mystic knew that their first website would have to reflect the reputation and brand they had crafted over the past four decades. They looked no further than Peak Interactive to craft their first website.

In order to create a website that generated leads and upheld their image, Peak Interactive looked no further than a custom, service-oriented WordPress website. Featuring dedicated pages for all available services and multiple contact forms to provide viewers an option to submit their information, Mystic Paving quickly found themselves garnering new leads previously unavailable due to their lack of online presence. 

In the past year, the Mystic Paving website has generated more than $150,000 in revenue.


Mystic Paving's 10+ page responsive WordPress website completely revitalized their online presence and image.


Peak Interactive proudly maintains the Mystic Paving website with bi-weekly updates and performance modifications.

A Word From Mystic Owner, Bob Kaminski

“Working with Peak Interactive was a refreshing experience. From not having any website to having one of the best, we could not be happier with what George delivered and the success it has brought to our business.”


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