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Parrott Equine Associates


For over 20 years, Parrott Equine Associates and its owner, Bryan Parrott DVM, have proudly served New England with the highest quality veterinary care. When it came to their website, it was truly a lame horse. Poor security, insecure pages, lack of contact opportunities, zero-payment funnels, and additional downsides created substantial issues for potential clients and those who needed emergency veterinary care.

Peak Interactive stepped in and gave the site the care it required. Implementing a fresh WordPress platform with over 20 pages of content, the site now had room the breathe. No longer was pages worth of content cramped into one little area. Users had the opportunity to easily contact Parrott Equine as well as pay veterinary bills through their newly setup payment portal. Along with these benefits, the fresh site advertised Parrott Equine’s new wellness packages which after two years, have generated tens of thousands in revenue.

One of Peak Interactive’s first clients, Parrott Equine Associates has been a loyal subscriber to our maintenance plan and has benefitted greatly from the years of optimization and SEO.


Parrott Equine's 20+ page responsive WordPress website completely revitalized their online presence and image.


Peak Interactive proudly maintains the Parrott Equine website with bi-weekly updates and performance modifications.

A Word From PEA Owner, Bryan Parrott

“George and Peak Interactive truly transformed our online presence. It is what it should have been from the start we couldn’t be happier with the product. Our website now works for us. The way it should be.”


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