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Tarnowski Construction


With over a decade of experience in construction, Jake Tarnowski took the leap and created Tarnowski Construction, based out of Beverly, Massachusetts. Within months, business exploded and Jake and his team quickly found themselves needing an online platform to educate and engage potential clients.

They looked no further than Peak Interactive. Initially implementing a single-page WordPress site, Tarnowski was able to quickly captivate audiences and explain just why his business was trusted by many in and around the North Shore of Massachusetts. Their new website featured contact forms, interactive sliders, social icons, and more, resulting in an SEO ripe site that would inevitably generate huge amounts of business for Tarnowski Construction.

To this date, Tarnowski Construction has generated over $200,000 in revenue simply from its website. Jake and his team also subscribe to our maintenance package as well as social media services, keeping their public image polished and dialed in.


Tarnowski's single-page responsive WordPress website completely revitalized its online presence.


Peak Interactive proudly maintains the TC website with bi-weekly updates and performance modifications.

Social Media

By utilizing all channels of communication and increasing the quality, Peak overhauled their social.

A Word From TC Owner, Jake Tarnowski

“It simply does not get better than Peak Interactive. George and his team have easily generated over $200,000 in revenue that simply did not exist before. I cannot urge other business owners to use Peak Interactive more. They are an asset.”


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